Sunday, March 4, 2012

Goddess Watch Over Me Shawl...

I started this shawl in November of 2011 with every intention of  having it finished by Yuletide of that same year.  A few months past that I'm finally nearing the end (after taking several weeks off of working on it) and I find myself running into an unexpected snafu.   I can't find the last skein to finish it!

I share this story about this shawl with you all because I think there is some sort of merit in it.  I know for sure I have enough to finish it, that I just need less than half (maybe even less than a quarter) of a skein to finish the last bit.  And yet Divine Intervention has brought me up short.  To me this means that it isn't time to finish it yet and until something happens I will not be able to.


Since I had started this post I found that I was in fact mistaken.  I did not have any more of the color I started it with and had to in fact go on to not one but two other colors (I used all of my second color as well).  As much of a disaster as this seems it could be the colors work!  To me it reminds me of a field of crocuses (the only flower I think think that has these exactly colors).  I couldn't quite block it because it was too big and I had no proper surface to pin it on - for lack of space of all things!


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