Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pink Loveliness Prayer Shawl

Before starting this ministry I received guidance via a dream to make a pink shawl for a dear friend of mine.  At the time I merely made a mental note that it should be done, whom it was for and the color and put it in the back of y mind.  I had no design in mind for the yarn and so opted to wait for further instruction.  It came sporadically via random thoughts but not quit in full form.  At one point while going through my yarn stash I noted a small amount of a variegated pink that I had decided I couldn't stand.  It had been relegated to the bottom of my yarn bag because I just couldn't personally stand to use it in anything and the bright idea I had had when I bought it had not quite worked out well.  Never one to throw something out I kept it for whenever it would find use.  Being that my dream has indicated that the shawl would be pink this seemed like the perfect use to me.  Later I came across a book about prayer shawls and went through noting patterns I liked and reading the stories of each of the shawls.  While I couldn't immediately settle on any one shawl I figured that between this book, the other versions, the website, and the various shawls that had been made for this purpose before that I would find something.  At long last I settled on a simple k3,p3 rib pattern.  As the yarn was variegated too busy a stitch pattern would be too much and take away from the calming effect intended for these pieces.

At long last (I can't quite recall when I started it) I have finished it.  Measuring a grand 65" in length working in a plain ribbing became tedious after awhile and while I would not give up on it (because I was told to make it and I couldn't ignore that) I am glad that I can finally put it down!

 When I was first given the direction to make this shawl, I really didn't know why.  But we can all use a hug or prayers or at the very least good thoughts so I figured it would have a purpose at some point - even if it was just to keep her warm.  However, in the time that followed I noted that she suffered several instances that were trying and emotionally tough on her.  As I spoke with her fairly often and as we are good friends I was privy to numerous goings on in her life.  As these unfolded I saw the need for the shawl, as well as why it was to be pink.  Pink is the color of the heart chakra - it represents love and compassion, not only for ourselves but for others, family, friends, and the entire world.  It can be hard to encompass the last one at times, afterall who wants to love their enemies?  But it is important to do so, it leads to wholeness rather than division and ultimately heals the soul.  The first place to start loving however is the self, and I feel that this shawl will help do that.  Not only will it be a loving hug, but a symbolic reminder of those who have been loved and loss, a reminder of gratitude, and that all is not lost.


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  1. An update - The prayer shawl was mailed, received, and greatly appreciated!